Longevity Context and Mission

When people think of Longevity technology, they probably think of increasing Lifespan to over 140 years. This is going to be most likely achieved through biotech (Telomeres, NAD, senescent cells, CRISPR, and other fascinating areas of work).

However, while Western countries' Life Expectancy is around 83, the undiscussed Healthy Life Expectancy ("living without limitation") remains at just under 64. This means that our seniors live almost 20 years with bad health that limits their dreams, their projects and their playing with their grandchildren.

Traditional health systems are designed to avoid death, not to increase youth. The rest of mammals live young and die quickly. Humans die very slowly. The objective of Hearts Radiant is not to live past 140. Our mission is to help millions of seniors live to 95 with good health, laughter and personal projects, reducing the risk of dependency, and the tragedy to the senior, their families and society as a whole.

You might think that ageing is mostly “genetic” and “unavoidable”. However, different studies suggest that only 20% is genetic, while 80% is epigenetic (environmental factors and lifestyle), which is good news because that means we can all do something proactive about it. What you need is coaching and support to know where you are, where you should be, and what to do to get there.


We are a startup based in Cofrentes, Valencia, Spain. Part of our cofounding team has been working in Longevity for the last 10 years at the largest Longevity School in Europe, where they have developed longevity strategies for thousands of people. Our other cofounders have built VC-led startups and eHealth marketplaces.

At the end of 2019, we decided to bring the experiences we had from the Longevity school into the online world, to help seniors increase their healthy longevity, increase their healthspan.

The Product

Of all the areas of healthy longevity available to tackle, we have started with Frailty. Frailty affects over 49% of seniors (either frail or pre-frail) and it is the leading indicator for future dependency. If we can improve the Frailty Index (FI) of our seniors by a few points, those few points can be literally translated into years of extended life expectancy.

In order to do that, we are creating a technology that helps seniors measure their frailty index, in collaboration with the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia (IBV) and with the frailty world-renowned experts José Viña and Francisco Tarazona, who recently proved that frailty can be not only stopped but also reverted. We are taking those learnings into our own methodology to help seniors revert frailty at home. The second part of the product requires that people actually execute the program and the methodology, and build a habit. If we can achieve those two, we will be fulfilling our mission.

The product will grow in the future into multiple chronic pathologies, diagnosis and treatments.

We are lucky to count with some wonderful investors as partners in this journey

JME, Ship2B Ventures, KFund, Seedcamp, Seedlink Health, Next Ventures, Bankinter Foundation, Telefonica Wayra, and angels Cristobal Viedma, Sunny Bates, Sanu Desai, Poonam Sharma.

Why they joined:

Samuel Gil from JME:

Timing-wise, we believe longevity is an idea whose time has come and that tech products aimed at seniors is still kind of a blue ocean and a huge opportunity. We are delighted to partner with Clara and Juan, who have a unique combination of experience building digital products and working in the longevity field with seniors for more than 10 years. If there is a team well position to tackle this opportunity is them.

Sergio Álvarez from KFund:

We’re very excited about the tremendous range of possibilities at the intersection of technology, longevity, and older adults. Longevity and older adults are areas where digital products haven’t focused for quite some time. We see in Rosita a very unique approach to both, with a great balance between health and entertainment.

Maite Fibla from Ship2B Ventures

The ageing process and its impact in the emotional and physical health of seniors is poorly managed or completely ignored by our society. From Ship2B Ventures we invest in Rosita Longevity due to its potential and need for a community that constitutes over 30% of the global population.

Feel free to reach out: juan@heartsradiant.com