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Rosita wants to help users understand the impact of their lifestyle choices to develop a comprehensive primary, secondary and tertiary prevention strategy.

Like with tabacco and alcohol, many people know that loosing weight and exercising more are positive, but society has not yet discovered ways in which to motivate them to start or stop doing certain things.

We have created a comprehensive Health Plan that integrates Lifestyle Medicine with Prevention Strategies in a revolutionary way where users can understand their current health situation compared to peers and health recommendations and understand how this health indicators should move with time to maximise their Healthy Life Expectancy.


We are integrating Evidence Based Medicine in a way users understand and are motivated to keep tracking. Just like midwifes help pregnant women navigate a period of their lives in their healthiest way, Rosita Longevity coach will provide the information, tools and activities so that users start and continue their Healthy Longevity Plan.


Our mission is to increase health-span of our seniors, a complicated long term goal for which we have started our own Clinical Trial in January 2021. We know results will come with patient adherence, because we firmly believe that the key to healthy longevity lies in consistency of healthy habits.

We have two ways to measure progress in this area:

  • Number of total minutes users are doing exercise with us per week. By March 2021 we have obtained an average of 150 minutes of exercise weekly, meaning that our average user is already following the WHO exercise recommendations just with us!
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  • Number of times users are coming into the app weekly. The goal is to achieve a sustained repetition of participation that shows our plan is working on the short term. As we can see in the image below, we have a consistent "stickiness" of users participating over 5 days a week.
  • image

We are currently developing tests that will enable us to measure actual progress of users inside our app (just using their phone) and we will soon launch the Frailty Dashboard to show them how they are doing.

  • Measure strength, granular evolution and comparison with peers and gold standard.
  • Measure equilibrium, granular evolution and comparison with peers and gold standard.
  • Measure pulmonar capacity, granular evolution and comparison with peers and gold standard.


Our methodology starts focussing on the main problems and pains seniors traditionally have, the issues that can potentially limit their daily lifestyle and condition the rest of their health. We start with a focus on Frailty prevention and Chronic Pain Management.


👉 What do we do❓

We offer a Healthy Aging Plan with classes, activities and tests so that they can track their own progress.

🧑‍🏫 Education - Classes about the biology of aging.

  • We cover Lifestyle Medicine (with a focus on changes you should make after 60).
  • Prevention strategies to understand that avoiding, detecting on time and properly managing a disease, are all going to be essential in quality of life
  • Investigation around longevity
  • Latest discoveries that can be relevant for their day to day: from microbioma, pharmacogenetics to Inflammaging.

🧘 Activities - to start or consolidate habits

  • We have focussed specifically in frailty prevention because of the COVID19 crisis and confinement increasing tremendously sendentarism. Check here our Exercise Plan 👇
Plan de Ejercicio Medico.pdf38.9KB
  • We have a Pain Management area that includes daily stretching, live videos where you can ask all our professionals questions during pandemic and specific itineraries where track your progress with a VAS (Visual Analog Scale)

🤧COVID Rehabilitation Program

  • Pulmonary rehabilitation program designed by Spanish Neumology Medical Association
  • Tips for users with lung problems
  • Live events where users can ask rehabilitation questions

More topics coming soon

Over the next months we will start introducing other topics that are conditioning their lifestyle and that traditionally are complex to solve because it requires education and in many cases specialised professionals.

❤️ Emotional Health: after 65 life changes in many ways. We stop working, spend more time home, rethink our future and who we are. This is why we think that even seniors with no severe problems should learn about the changes and prepare themselves.

  • Impact of retirement in our routines and personalities: after years of hard work we finally have the time to enjoy it, but are we ready to do so? How should we approach this new phase?
  • Grief management: we start to have dear friends missing and 2020 has impacted all circles.
  • Sexuality and Intimacy after 65: understanding what happens to your body and why it is important to recover the intimacy with yourself and your partner. Intimacy is happiness and we aim to break tabus and bring science to their homes. Also specialized Physiotherapy and Orthopedics and Senior Sexuality.

⏱️ Chronodisruption and Senior Sleeping Disorders: will cover educational classes, sleep hygiene routines and group sessions specialised per pathologies with a wide range of workshops.

🍏 Nutrition after 65, from shopping to understanding the impact of nutrition in diseases and longevity.


Rosita Longevity App aims to be a complement to the physicians strategy, with the capacity to educate and follow up on the healthy lifestyle plan. There are many ways in which we can help you and your patients live healthier:

  • All seniors between 60-75 should understand their ageing process and act upon it. In general terms everyone, except seniors who happen to be professionals and are taking their health strategy seriously. Even most of the physicians dont tend to execute themselves what they already know. In Rosita they will find the engaging tools to keep up!
  • Seniors with chronic pain that are not in the phase of surgery but want to reduce their pain and gain mobility. Parallel to your pharma strategy, they should have a medical strategy and a motivational coach that will keep you moving is essential.
  • Seniors before and after surgery need to move with control. Our level 1 is perfect for this group, fun and accessible. We all know walking is just not enough and hard to follow without the adequate motivation. But what about soft tai-chi, introduction to ballet or stretching with a physiotherapist?
  • Seniors with Metabolic Syndrome or Heart problems (non severe and always under prescription), need to exercise under the adequate plan and supervision. We guarantee soft programs with continuos control. Exercise is an essential part of all treatments and the main problem lies on adherence. Rosita is here to help with that!


Designed by Geriatricians, Physiologists and Doctors expert in patient communication. Supervised by Physiotherapists, Exercise teachers, Nutritionists, Psychologist and a passionate tech team.

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