The App for Active Seniors

The App for Active Seniors


Aging is natural process but many of the symptons can be delayed or avoided.

Aging is also a multifunctional process and many seniors develop pathologies that are treated isolated among themselves. In Rosita we believe that people need to understand in detail what happens to their body, and specifically what happens as they age because individual choices make a tremendous impact in your quality of life and happiness.

If you are above 60, want to learn about the biology (in a fun way!) of aging and are highly concerned about remaining active and healthy your next 30 years, welcome to your hub! We offer classes activities and tips so that you can start defining your Longevity Strategy.

We also offer lectures about the future of Longevity, LIVE sessions with our doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists and many other specialists that will look after your help.


Our app helps you desing a Longevity Strategy by combining what we consider is most essential:


We want to empower people to own their health by understanding the biology behind their aging process. We think it is essential to understand how your body changes with age, what problems tend to ocurr and what actions you can define to minimize the impact or even prevent it from happening. From Lifestyle Medicine, to primary, secondary, tertiary Prevention Strategies to the latest discoveries en the field of Longevity, we have defined a comprehensible methodology so that you can progressively learn the key insights about your health.

After the classes, we also offer Debates with the Doctor so you can openly ask questions regarding the different topics covered and we can answer most of your doubts online.


Learning is essential, but putting into practice the insights is even more. Many of the changes we propose are lifestyle changes and we want to help you implement them. We have over 300 episodes of activities supervised by doctores and made for you to have fun looking after yourself. From physical exercise, to meditation, dancing, tai-chi, or even learning new disciplines, Rosita will ensure you enjoy discovering and looking care of yourself.

We have specific activities designed for people with different pathologies, conditions, pains or just biological changes and interests, including: Ostheoporisis, Arthirtis, Back pain, Knee Pain, Prothesis, Frailty and pre-frailty, loss of equilibrium, pelvic floor muscles for women seniors, COVID rehabilitation exercises for lung capacity, sexuality after 60, and many others.


Rosita is designed for people between 60 and 75 years, who understand the best way to live happy the next 20 years is by learning how to remain healthy and taking a proactive approach towards their health. Neverthless if you are older or younger all our services might still be suitable for you.


Every week day at 9.30 CET time, we go live in Rosita and in Facebook (Rosita Longevity), so this is the best way to answer any question regarding the app or our services.

You can alos send us an email at or call 🇪🇸+34 96 1894025